Fallacious Arguments Series -Correlation and Causation

Common logical fallacies and how to counter them.

Correlation and Causation

Correlation Causation Logical Fallacy

When two points of data are, or appear to be, correlated, the fallacy involves invoking that as irrefutable proof of one causing the other. Example:

Gloria: Stop Indigenous deaths in custody!

Albert: Stop committing crimes!

Is there a correlation between Indigenous deaths in custody and people committing crimes? Well, sure, in the broad sense.

Gloria: Are you saying death is an appropriate punishment for crime?

Albert: I’m saying they die in custody because they committed crimes. Don’t do the crime, don’t do the time.

Now, of course that’s true in simplistic terms, but clearly not every person who commits a crime dies in custody.


Compiled and authored by Gabriel Morse, founder of #iamhereAustralia