A diverse group of people standing agains at wall looking at their own digital devices with the "#wearehere" logo behind them.


Disinformation and dangerous speech are often preceptors to violence, extremism, and genocide. With this in mind, and after observing the amount of hateful rhetoric on social media, community members realized they need to speak up and push back the hate before it becomes normalized.   

#wearehereCanada, formerly known as #iamhereCanada, launched March 2018 as a grassroots initiative - the Canadian branch of the international #iamhere movement to counter disinformation and hate speech on social media.  With the concepts from the Dangerous Speech Project at its core and backed by members worldwide, Canadians waded into comment sections on social media to counter bigotry, intolerance, and disinformation in an effort to amplify marginalized voices and create supportive digital spaces.  

In the fall of 2021, the #iamhereCanada team decided it was time to expand past the limitations of social media and incorporate as a non-profit organization, evolving into #wearehereCanada – a name that fosters the principles of inclusivity, diversity, and solidarity with marginalized communities. This rebranding also gives members the opportunity to focus on issues that are unique to Canada while also supporting and collaborating with other Canadians engaged in similar work. 

Our biggest goal is to activate and inspire Canadians to speak up when they see bigotry and injustice either online or in real life.  #wearehereCanada offers resources, support, and a thriving, safe community of like-minded people to help others take positive action and create a kinder, more empathetic society. 

The process is not always comfortable; members often face their own biases, but if you are brave enough to self-reflect, ask questions, and examine your own beliefs, while countering hate and wanting to make a difference, come join the movement.