Caitlin Brandy Potts

Caitlin Brandy Potts was from Samson Cree First Nation in Maskwacis, Alberta. She was the daughter of Priscilla Potts and sister to Ashley, Codi and Jeremiah Potts.
Up until age 11, Caitlin lived in foster care, despite efforts by Priscilla to try to have her and her siblings returned to her care. While in the foster care system, Priscilla would often visit the children, taking them on trips to the lake and joining them for family dinners. Due to this part of her childhood, Caitlin had developed attachment issues, which Priscilla says her daughter tried her best to work through.
Growing up, Caitlin was described as outgoing and bubbly, and someone who could light up a room. Those around her often said they made them feel comfortable, no matter the situation, and as a result she had a thriving social life. She was also close to her family and would participate in many activities with her loved ones, including family gatherings and church visits.  Caitlin was also the mother of a young son, about whom she would talk about non-stop.
The young mother was in an on-again/off-again relationship with boyfriend Jason Hnatiuk. The relationship was described as turbulent, and Jason was known for being abusive toward Caitlin. There were times Caitlin would visit Codi covered in bruises and crying, and one incident in August 2014 saw Jason assault her at the Forum Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. During this time, Caitlin was living with her sister.
Caitlin was petite, 5’3” and 150lbs. With a shining smile and medium length black hair.
"I used to tell her everything. She was so outgoing and bubbly and made everyone around her feel comfortable and happy. There is no one that can replace her," said Codi. "if someone made her disappear, I can't understand how that could happen."
“My daughter is incredibly smart, she was always on the honour roll in highschool,” Priscilla said from her home in Alberta.
Caitlin was living in Edmonton with her younger sister, Codi Potts before she moved to Enderby, B.C., following her boyfriend’s move there a few months earlier. The two had a turbulent relationship over the years and had been on and off together for about two months before she disappeared.
Codi says Caitlin’s boyfriend was arrested one night and she stayed in a Salmon Arm women's shelter following the arrest. "She was fine there, going to school and had a job at Tim Hortons, until she went back to him a couple months later," Codi said.
According to Codi, her sister had texted her estranged boyfriend the day she went missing, saying she was upset with him over money he owed her. The morning she went missing she also left Codi a message saying she had found a ride to Calgary via a Kijiji. Her roommate in Salmon Arm, reported that Caitlin told her she had met a stranger the night before.
Caitlin was reported missing a week after her last contact with Codi in March 1st 2016. On March 21st RCMP declared her missing.
In May 2017, RCMP said they suspected foul play in her disappearance and released a surveillance video of Caitlin entering Orchard Place mall in Kelowna on Feb. 21, 2016. It's the last time she was seen.
Caitlin was a mom, a daughter, vivacious friend, roommate and sister. Caitlin Potts was a real person.