Chelsea Kiernan Poorman


Remains were found by contractors in a wealthy residential area in Vancouver BC on April 22, 2022. After DNA testing and investigation they were confirmed to be Chelsea, on May 6th, 2022.

It is likely, Police say that she died on the night she disappeared or shortly thereafter. Police do not consider her death to be suspicious, but have not provided any further details, except that they have reviewed the findings of a coroner's investigation.

The family has been notified and more questions to be answered.

The seventh stolen sister in this series.

It’s hard to pick who is next sometimes. They all have family that seems desperate to find them, to heal from loss or vindicate their hopes.
Chelsea Poorman was born in Saskatchewan. Most likely Saskatoon, in 1997. She has a sister Paige Kiernan who lives with their mom in the Vancouver area.
Chelsea was in a car accident in 2014 and wears a brace on her left leg and a lifted shoe on her right foot. The accident left her with rods in her leg and arm, so she walks with a slight limp and can’t fully bend her left arm. She would have difficulty walking without her brace.
She loves animals. Prior to moving to BC mid last year, Chelsea had two kittens, Beyoncé and Jay Z. She didn’t take them with her when she moved to Burnaby area in July 2020.
Her mom, Sheila Poorman describes her daughter as vulnerable due to her depression diagnosis and her trusting nature.
Chelsea loves music 🎶 and even wrote her own songs. Her Facebook page has selfies and status posts about working on herself to improve.
She is from the Kawacatoose First Nation of Saskatchewan.
And loves make up.
On a warm September day, Chelsea travelled from her home in Burnaby to visit her mom and sister in Vancouver. They planned to go for dinner, but at the last minute Chelsea’s mom decided not to go.
“I thought, they’ll probably have more fun without me,” Sheila told The Tyee. “So I just let them go and have sister time.”
Chelsea and Paige, headed to Granville Street, a few blocks away from the rental building in the Downtown Eastside where Sheila and Paige live together. After dinner, they visited a friend of Paige’s who lives at Granville and Drake streets.
Around midnight, Chelsea left the friend’s apartment without telling Paige where she was going. Later, she sent her sister a message saying she’d met “a new bae.” It would be the last time her sister saw or heard from her.
She was reported missing aprox 24 hours later, September 8, 2020, when message and call attempts led to no contact. Late night September 6 was the last time Paige saw her sister.
The Poorman family has raised $10,000 to offer as reward to finding Chelsea. Sheila hands out bags of chocolate and candy, which include a business card and a photo of her daughter Chelsea.
“I hand these out when I’m on the bus or just walking on the street,” she says holding out one of the bags. “I always make sure I have a bag or two hoping that somebody recognizes her and knows her location.”
The police involvement/ investigation for Chelsea seemed stalled and unimportant as a missing persons case, and though Sheila and Paige still have great hopes of Chelsea being found alive the Vancouver police have moved the case to homicide where Poorman says the investigation is getting more attention and resources.
(Her missing person press release includes the incorrect date of her last being seen: )
Sheila is asking Vancouver residents to look for Chelsea.
“I would just like people, when they’re out doing their daily activities, running errands, on their way to work, just to keep an eye out to Chelsea,”
“Even if they think that it might be her, to just phone. Phone the Vancouver police and let them know. She probably met somebody and, who knows what happened from there.”
Her family asked recently to change profile photos to her and using hashtag #bringchelseahome
Chelsea is a young woman whose life has barely started. She is a daughter and a sister. An animal lover and a real person.