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    #wearehereCanada is an action group that practices counter speaking online.

    Often, rather than responding directly to people spreading disinformation or hate in order to change their perspectives or beliefs, we recognize our audience is the silent majority. So, we carve out space by:

    1. influencing the narrative created by a loud minority of people passively read by the majority of Canadians
    activating those who feel silenced, to contribute their opinions in these online spaces and feel safe doing so.
    2. The #wearehereCanada community recognizes we are all at different parts of our journey standing in solidarity with marginalized communities, dismantling our biases and working towards justice and equality for all. With this in mind, we expect members to be respectful of others, unafraid to raise questions and understand that there will be moments of discomfort as we explore our own beliefs and prejudices. This community is a safe learning space in which we are supportive and work together. If for any reason you feel unsafe or run into conflict, please let us know.

    Removing members doesn’t happen often, but will when:

    … they act disrespectfully in comment sections using hate or threats.
    … they share and spread disinformation or bigotry
    …they take screenshots from our website and post them anywhere without approval.
    … they attack, harass, or bully others.
    We want our members to feel safe and confident in expressing themselves and taking initiatives within the group, therefore, we do not tolerate slander, gross insults, incitement to harassment, threats, doxxing, shaming of members, calls for violence, or attacking a person or a group based on attributes such as a disability, ethnicity, religion, economic background, culture etc.

    If any member feels unsafe, please contact us.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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